MiCardia Technology

MiCardia has developed the world’s first, clinically proven dynamic technology, “Dynaplasty™”, designed to optimize mitral valve repair, during and after surgery. Managing mitral regurgitation remains a significant problem for people with mitral valve disease. Left untreated or under managed, it can lead to more significant problems, including heart failure and death.

Currently, mitral valve regurgitation (MVR) is repaired, surgically with the implantation of annuloplasty rings. However, some patients have residual MVR post-surgery and for 15-20% of patients, MVR significantly returns (3+/4+) within 6-12 months.

MiCardia’s Dynaplasty™ technology is unique and is the basis for the company’s innovative devices. As illustrated in the product animations, the device can be dynamically adjusted to physiologically reduce the shape of the valve annulus to further enhance coaptation of the leaflets and reduce or eliminate regurgitation.

The second generation device, enCorSQ (animation), received CE Mark in September 2011. Using the proprietary Dynaplasty™ technology, this device also addresses recurrent mitral regurgitation, days, weeks, months or years after the surgical procedure. The enCorSQ technology allows recurrent mitral regurgitation to be managed on an out-patient basis, without the risk and cost of another cardiac surgery.

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